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As the wife of an inmate in the Tennessee Department of Corrections, I was interested in learning
more about the situation that my husband was in. I searched high and low for information on
Tennessee's correctional facilities, only to reach one dead end after another. Finally I lucked upon
the State of Tennessee's Department of Corrections home page and dug in to see what I could find.
Only, it wasn't luck at was a joke. The information they are showing to the public isn't correctly
portrayed on their site. They only show you what they want you to know. And it had us wondering
what it was they had to hide. For example...the site says that they have a little over 16,700 state
inmates housed in prison across the state of Tennessee. What they fail to tell you is that they also
have thousands more sitting in county jails across the state waiting for prison space. You have to ask
yourself why these men aren't able to be sent to prison. Why don't we have the space when we have
so many prisons in our state? Are the State of Tennessee's prisons overcrowded? Again? What
about parole? When we seek information, this is what we need answers to. We want to know
about visitation. We want to know about opportunity. We want to know what these inmates are
able to do in order to rehabilitate instead of recidivate. What organizations are they able to join and
what can these men or women learn as a part of that group?

Throughout this site you will see another name....The Accomplice. I have chosen this name to
show to the world the treatment we receive as being an inmate's wife. You see, we are not welcome
in the town we live in. We are looked upon as being just as guilty as the men we are married to. An
accomplice has many meanings...I have chosen it to mean that I am his partner. We will be partners
throughout the rest of our lives just as we will be best friends. I love my husband and I will share his
burden. I am guilty only of loving a man who is incarcerated. Condemn me if you must, but at least
condemn me for that of which I am guilty.

We hope to share with you an inside look of what it is really like behind the prison walls. If
you're visiting the UNFORGIVEN, I hope it is because you seek the answers to questions you are
unable to find elsewhere. We'll bring you the information you are entitled to know and we'll hope
you use it to the vest of your ability. I have always heard that knowledge is power....

The UNFORGIVEN is your knowledge.

The Accomplice

Throughout the course of this web site you are going to see the name The Lost Boy. I wanted
to explain to everyone why I have decided to use this name instead of my given name. The truth is,
that by using my real name I would be placing myself in the line of fire of retaliation from those who
run the Tennessee Department of Correction. This is not just a case of an inmate being paranoid of
retaliation from those in charge, but in fact a real threat.

During the course of my incarceration, I have met many inmates who are continually shipped
from place to place for filing lawsuits, grievances or for just simply writing a letter against the
Department of Correction, so as to make it harder on the inmate to communicate with those that
help him or her, or even just so that they can deep him off balance so it would be harder on the
inmate to find out what is wrong with the particular institution. This does happen. Both my wife and
myself felt it would be in our best interest if we could remain anonymous for as long as possible so
that we may continue our quest without interruption. Maybe there will come a time in the near future
that we will be able to reveal our identities to everyone interested.

I take great pride in the brainchild that is known as the UNFORGIVEN, and without the help of
my very loving and understanding wife, none of this would be possible. I must give her all of my
heartfelt thanks for deciding walk the long lonely road with me. I understand that is just as hard to
be out there without the one you love as it is in here. Such a commitment is no small thing. But, not
everyone has the luxury of having someone who will speak out for them. My wife and I plan to be
that voice.

The Lost Boy