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The state run TRICOR was designed by the State of Tennessee as a means to reduce the cost of
prison operations. It does so by producing the same, or as close as possible, product as those that are
produced by companies in the "free world". The basic principle of TRICOR was that it would use inmate
labor to produce these services and/or products to the outside world at a reduced cost whole a the same
time making a large profit and reducing the cost of prisons. I spoke to the director of TRICOR recently
and he said that in 1998, TRICOR made upwards of $11 million off of it's inmate labor run industries.
Some funds are used for the maintenance of the existing equipment that TRICOR has, as well as the
procurement of new materials that are needed to keep it's business going.

TRICOR also helps inmates obtain jobs only after they are released from prison. Although I
personally only know of two people, I am sure that there must be more out there somewhere. Anyway,
the idea is a sound one. We like the idea of helping an inmate get a job after his release. We only wish
that TRICOR could do a little more for the people while they are in the prison system. Maybe they could
find a way to give an inmate more training while he is still in prison. I think that if TRICOR is making
around $11 million a year, then surely they could give a little of that back in training programs. Is that too
much to ask?

If you would like to find out more about TRICOR from a spokesperson, why not try contacting the
Division of Inmate Programs at (615) 741-5705 or 1-800-958-7426.

Listed below are from TRICOR.
Memo from TRICOR
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Sample Resume for Inmates