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The UNFORGIVEN is proud to announce the addition of a new organization within the state of
Tennessee. The Tennessee Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform has the ambition and drive that we,
the family and friends of inmates, have been searching for on our quest for justice in our inhumane
prisons. The Coalition has an outstanding agenda that we all need to get involved with if we want to
make a difference for our incarcerated loved one(s). Please take the time to read the following
information that we have been able to get from this wonderful group of people.

To the Coalition: You have our support.

Tennessee Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform, Inc.

The Tennessee Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform is in the process of establishing itself as a nonprofit,
tax-exempt organization form criminal justice reform advocacy. It's purpose is to focus on ways of
realistically reducing crime and recidivism through prevention and rehabilitation, as well as promoting
effective criminal justice reform policies.

Letting Your Voice Be Heard: The Key to Real Progress

Criminal justice issues are created by large numbers of citizens and special interest groups who organize
to voice their concerns to their elected leaders. Criminal justice reform has been on a legislative "back
burner" for too long because it has been push by too few.

Prisoner's families are a substantial segment of the community most directly affected by the criminal
justice policies in our state. They have a right to be heard. Yet, their concerns are never taken in serious
consideration by state lawmakers and correctional officials.

The issues of crime and recidivism are issues which definitely affect you, your family and your
community. And in the interest of our communities, it is time that we hold our elected official accountable for
implementing measures that are conducive to the social land economic welfare our communities rather than
implementing policies that are conducive to political and private profit potential. To accomplish positive
changes in our criminal justice system, the families and friends of prisoners must get involved and help make
criminal justice reform and important legislative issue in Tennessee. If every inmate encouraged just one
family member or friend to join the Tennessee Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform, state lawmakers would
be hearing from thousands of voting, taxpaying citizens. We have a choice to be involved in constructive
ways which might actually change the problems - the choice is yours. Join the Coalition and help make a
difference in our criminal justice system. TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Coalition's Reform Agenda

Advocate change through the legislative process by developing a state-wide constituency of the families
and friends of prisoners and other concerned citizens to educate the public and lawmakers about the urgent
need for reforms in the criminal justice system.

Support a moratorium on Tennessee's prison building program and promote prison management that is
conducive to public interest, rehabilitation and prevention.

Promote improved opportunities for educational programming, vocational training and life skills programs
that meaningfully assist ex-offenders in securing gainful employment upon release from prison. Thus,
increasing ex-offenders' chances of making a productive return to the community.

Promote profamily reform policies in prison assignments, transfers and family visitation so that
incarcerated persons can maintain stable family relationships that will aid offenders in making a successful
transition to normalcy in society.

Promote involved parole procedures, guidelines and hearings to emphasize fairness, readiness and
consistency with sentencing laws.

Promote a process for the empowerment of prisoners by providing a fair and functional means of
reinstating the right to vote: while actively working to pass new laws that allow the equitable removal of the
right to vote and a reasonable means of re-acquiring it after it has been revoked.

Meetings: Joining Forces

The Coalition meets every second and fourth Thursday of every month. Meeting time is 7:00p.m. at the
Carver Recreational Center in Johnson City, TN.

How to Contact the Coalition:

Tennessee Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform, Inc.
P.O. Box 2174
Kingsport, TN 37662
phone (423)392-0294
fax (423)392-0526

Any contributions or donations will be greatly appreciated.

Coalition Membership form
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