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Grievance procedures are governed by TDOC policy 501.01. A lot of the time inmates have
complaints about things that have an impact on their daily lives. The grievance process is designed to
be an outlet for which the inmate can voice his complaints.

First, the inmate starts by filling out a grievance form. On the form the inmate explains their
complaint and states specific names, dates, times and places that the events occurred. After that, the
inmate takes the grievance and puts it in a grievance box. It them takes seven days from the date the
grievance was filed for the inmate to get a response for the person(s) in charge of the event or area that
the event occurred in.

The grievance clerk then forwards the response back to the inmate. The inmate then has the
opportunity to accept the supervisor's response to the inmate's grievance or appeal it to the grievance
board. Within seven days the inmate will appear before the grievance board and the board will either
agree with the supervisor's response or agree that the inmate had cause for a grievance. From that
point on, the grievance will automatically go to the Warden for his approval of the decision. The
grievant will again have the choice of accepting the Warden's response to the matter or forwarding it to
the Commissioner for further review. The Commissioner's response on the matter will be a final
decision. If the inmate wishes to pursue the matter further, then he will have to file the matter within the
appropriate state or federal court system.

There are several areas which are not grievable. Disciplinary and classification issues are not
grievable a they both have their own appeals process. Diagnosis by medical professionals and sentence
credit problems are not grievable. Parole related problems are not grievable as the Parole Board has
it's own appeal process , as well. Also. grievances which are vague, such as these that do not have
specific names, dates of places, will be returned unprocessed so that the matter can be clarified and re-
filed. Grievances which contain profanity or threats will not be processed , either. Basically, one must
use their own judgement in the filing of a grievance, and be sure to make it to the point and as detailed
as possible so the problem is easy to understand.

Below are the appropriate forms to fill out when filing a grievance.

Inmate Grievance Form
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