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The average everyday person doesn't know that the men in the Tennessee Department of Corrections
are the ones who are the same people who are improving your communities. Sound strange? To most people
it would. However whole most people are living their normal everyday lives, prisoners are out there in your
community doing what they can to make a difference without any expectation of recognition for their actions.
These guys realize that though they can't change what they've done in the past, maybe they can help to make
a better future for some even less fortunate than themselves. And yes, we do realize that there are some out
there who are less fortunate than even us.

Well, we at the UNFORGIVEN decided that it was time to give those men who have given their time
and sweat, the recognition and thanks that they deserve. Some might think that a person in prison is a cold
and callous person, and I guess to some degree there are people in here like that. But no matter who you are
in here, there is always a part of you who is out there and wishes he or she could make something better. I'm
not saying that every person in here wants to change everything out there. But there is at least something in
every one of us that can identify with the next person's joy or even pain. Maybe we have been there at one
time or another and wouldn't want to see someone else go through the same thing. Or maybe it's our small
way of trying to make amends. Each of us have our own reasons and most of us hope that those reasons will
be enough.

Why don't we list a few of the things that the inmates in Tennessee's prison system have done for the
communities all over the state:

Lake County Correctional Facility:

Men regularly go out into the community of Dyersburg and Tiptonville to clean the city parks and streets,
help build houses for individuals, upkeep of state parks and Realfoot Lake.

Northwest Correctional Facility:

Men housed at Northwest's annex are taken out into the community of both Tiptonville and Dyersburg for
the purpose of upkeep and maintenance of city and state parks, to clear land, mow along highways and to
make sure our streets are free of litter.

Nashville Community Center Annex:

Here, men actually hold real jobs on the streets of Nashville. It may sound impractical, but believe me,
this is about the only way you can successfully allow a person to re-enter society with any chance of success
after spending years away from having a real life. A very large number of men are sent out into the
community to clean parks, churches, roads and fields. These guys also help to keep your streets sanded and
salted when it snows.

Northeast Correctional Complex Annex:

Men at Northeast Annex are taken out into the communities of Mountain City and Johnson City to clean
state and city parks, streets and have even been known to build an addition to a fire department AND and
entire church. We think that is impressive. They also keep the roads clean during snow and ice storms, help
to remove fallen trees from roadways during the winter and road work during the summer. These guys have
even helped remodel a school. A couple of years back there was a flood in Carter County and a lot of
inmates helped out.

Carter County Correctional Facility:

The men here do most of their work in Elizabethton and Johnson City. They also clean back roads, pick
up litter, clean cemeteries and provided exceptional assistance during the flood that hit in Carter County.

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary:

The men of Brushy Mountain take old bicycles and restore them for less fortunate children in orphanages.
They receive bicycles that are donated to the program, and with enough time, they are fixed up to original,
and in some cases,a whole new style of bicycle has been created that can't even be found in a store.

To these individuals....we offer a heartfelt thanks. Know that there are those of us who are interested in
your work. If you know of any work that inmates, or an individual in prison, has accomplished or provided
to the public, then let us know and we'll get the word out. All names will be held confidential unless otherwise

The Lost Boy