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Board of Parole
404 James Robertson Parkway
Suite 1300
Nashville, TN 37243-0850

Subject: Parole package
The following information was submitted to a group that the UNFORGIVEN is a part of by PJ who
heads TN CURE. (There have been a few changes to make it more general for everyone.) PJ,
thanks for submitting so that we all may have the same chance that you are experiencing now with him
home. Good luck to you and yours. May you never forget these times that kept you apart so that you
will always cherish the days you are able to spend together now.

Everything that she has stated could possibly help any of us get our loved ones home. Please take the
time to read what she did before the parole hearing and try to apply as much of it to your own
situation as you can. There is no guarantee that anything will work. Obviously, the board is going to
do whatever it wants regardless of the situation. I'm not a firm believer when they say that they weigh
all aspects of the situation brought before them. They have their minds made up before hand. You
can see it in their eyes. Best wishes to those who follow these guidelines.

1. INMATE's LETTER- the letter he wrote to the parole board outlining why he should be released,
what he has done to improve himself and his problems, etc.
2. MY LETTER- My version of the same.
3. HIS ATTORNEY'S LETTER- A letter from his attorney outlining the same things, also stating the
terms of his conviction and sentencing.
4. A LETTER FROM THE SENTENCING JUDGE-Another letter to verify what Shawn's attorney
had stated and told from a different point of view.
5. A LETTER FROM THE SHERIFF- Letter from the local sheriff in charge of the county jail,
outlining inmate's behavior and such while he was in custody of the county.
6. INFORMATION ON DRUG COUNSELING- I had called our local office and booked an
appointment for him, for after the date that he would be released (if they don't make the board, you
can always cancel.) I submitted proof that he had an appointment, details about he program- what
they do, how they do it, the frequency and length of visits, the length of treatment
7. A LETTER FROM HIS SPONSOR- Can be anyone from past. Example would be old high
school coach, teacher, employer, etc.
8. A LETTER FROM VESID- (Vocational/Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities) if
9. PICTURES- of inmate as a child, teenager, anything showing him as a person. Pictures of the kids,
us as a family, on a picnic, teaching son to ride a bike, holding our newborns. Our home, his family, his
pets, anything to portray him as a person, not a number.
10. A COPY OF OUR LEASE- showing where we live, the rules of our complex, how much we pay
in rent, how long we have been here, and most importantly it had his name on it. This proves he has a
place to live, especially if you rent, it says the landlord is aware and approves of him living with you.
11. RENT RECEIPTS- Prove that the rent is paid regularly, in full and on time. Essentially that you
are not going to be evicted because of non payment of rent. You will have a stable place to live.
Homeowners can use copies of mortgage payments.
12. PAYSTUBS/WAGE STATEMENTS- at my office they give a printout showing every payment
you have received for the length of your employment. In my case this showed that I have been at the
same job, working regularly for 2 years. (Think- this says if you hold a regular job, then it is
encouragement to your S.O. to also hold a regular job)
13. CAR RECORDS- Proof of registration, title, insurance, payments, maintenance. Again, this
proves that he will have reliable transportation to and from work that payments and maintenance are
made regularly.
14. PETITION- signed by as many people as possible saying they believe he should be released.
15. EMPLOYMENT- Information on an employer saying they intend to hire him upon his release, or
if you cannot get this (as we couldn't) a list of local agencies (Westaff, Manpower, Adecco, Kelly,
etc.) where he can apply, information on your local department of labor, a sampling of positions from
the help wanted section of the newspaper for which he would be qualified.
16. 3 PERSONAL GOALS- three goals he has for himself i.e.. Finding employment, staying out of
trouble, 90 meetings in 90 days, to work out regularly, to learn a new hobby, to read every book in
the library... Whatever as long as it shows he is looking toward improvement in the future. You can
even expand this to 3 short term and 3 long term.
17. 3 FAMILY GOALS- much the same as above, except this is where he shows how he plans to
participate as part of a family, things they family plans to work on together
18. SCHEDULE OF AA/NA MEETINGS- to show there is ample opportunity for him to attend.
19. PERSONAL RECORDS- Copies of birth certificates, social security cards, drivers licenses, etc.
for all of the family. Also for the children, I included the paternity papers we signed when they were
born saying that inmate is their father, since we were not married. This helps to establish identity,
prove relationships. If married, a copy of your marriage certificate would help.
20. CERTIFICATES- All the certificates he earned while incarcerated.
Depending on your own situations, you can also add employment and education records, a resume, or
anything else that would help. Remember they are not looking for excuses or explanations for the
crime, you have already been convicted and that is all they are concerned with. They want to hear
remorse, they want you to admit you were wrong and you have made steps toward changing yourself
for the better. It probably goes without saying, but if you get a letter from a judge for instance, that is
not favorable, do not include it. One thing impressed upon me was that if you say something back it
up. If you say you have children, prove it. If you say you have a car, prove it. Be present for his
appearance if possible. Do Not Whine! Yes, it is hard to live on half the income you are used to, it is
hard to raise children alone, you can say this, but do not focus on it and do not complain about it.
Instead, explain how it would benefit your family to have our SO back in the picture. Also, although I
know it is not possible for everyone, a good record of visiting, phone calls, letters, packages, any kind
of contact is important. I proves your dedication and that you will not run if things get rough.

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