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How many times have you heard that the prison "just can't help" with the problem of increasing
phone rates? They tell us that Global Tel Link supplies the service and determines rates for the calls.
"We went with the lowest bidder...." But do you really believe that $21.65 for an out of state call is
actually the best they could have done? Give me a break. Folks, the state is robbing the families and
friends of inmates, making thousands upon thousands of dollars and not spending one red cent to
rehabilitate our prisoners. While the average citizen of Tennessee might like to think that our prisoners
don't deserve programs and courses to better themselves, or that they deserve nothing at all, I feel
they are the most uneducated of all.....Do they not understand that most of these men and women will
once again walk our streets? Live in our neighborhoods? Be a living, breathing, working citizen of
our state again? It's well known that rehabilitation begins with having someone on the outside who
cares and supports their loved one. And having someone on the outside means calling weekly, daily,
monthly....But at the exorbitant rates we are being charged, we're being forced to deny calls. If you
take our privilege to talk to our loved one away, you're hurting more than just the prisoner. You're
hurting mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives...but most of all, you're hurting
our children.

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