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Please be advised that we are going to drop the
address. It's too much of an expense. If you will use it will take you to the same
place. We know this is an inconvenience, but hopefully you'll continue
to stick by us as you have thus far.
This web site has been designed to be the foremost informative
provider on Tennessee's prison system, known as the Tennessee
Department of Correction, or the TDOC. The decision was made to form
this site after trying to find other sources of information concerning
several aspects of the Tennessee correctional system, only to discover
that all of our efforts led to a dead end or that the information provided
by the state was misleading, incorrect or out of date. We have found
like so many before us, that Tennessee has constructed a shroud around
their prison system and that any information on such is extremely hard
to obtain. When someone does have a question, it is all but impossible
to get a reliable answer.

We have made sure that this site will not be used for any political
purpose or backed by any political organization that IS NOT beneficial to
the inmates or family/friends of inmates, nor will we be corrupted in any
way by any outside organization we deem inappropriate to our cause.
We wanted to be sure that whatever you decide to read within this site
is a true depiction of how Tennessee's prison system affects the
inmates, themselves, and the inmates' families. The sole purpose of
creating this site was to provide those that seek the truth, a way to
obtain an inside look at what Tennessee has been hiding from you for so
long. Our intentions only to provide you with the information that you
have not been able to find, and if necessary, an outlet to voice your
opinions. We will continually bring into light the inner workings of the
prison system, laws, codes and policies within the walls of what the
average person could only call....HELL....where only the "UNFORGIVEN"
are forced to roam.

We are going to tell you the truth and show you where we got it.
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Tennessee Public Records Act
| Visitation | TRICOR | Inmate Grievance
| Prison Locations | Furloughs | Community Services |
Classification, Time Assessment and Sentence Reduction Credits
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| The Telephone System | The Parole Board | Legal Issues By
Tennessee Inmates
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When the government fears the people, it's democracy.
When the people fear the government, it's tyranny.