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This month I would like to write about a subject that many have a
problem with. It would seem petty to those who have never
encountered this situation, as it sometimes seems petty to those of
us who do have to experience this on a continued basis...and it all
deals with visitation. I'm taking this opportunity to just bitch about
something, hope you don't mind.........

To the wives and girlfriends of male inmates, some mothers and
other family members...( I say this because I've never dealt with
this at a woman's prison) And this isn't for everyone...this is for
those of you who can relate and to those of you who act this

None of you are any better than anyone else. I don't particularly
care where you live, how far you drive, how long it took you to get
to the prison, how long you've been visiting at the prison or how
much you "love" your incarcerated loved one. We all get up on the
weekends to spend quality time with our incarcerated loved one.
But some of you think you deserve special treatment. I don't
understand this. And you want to complain that you have
problems? You have problems? Well, guess what?????? Most of us
do. Most of us have it tough for one reason or the other. But most
of us deal with it instead of sharing it with the world. We consider
that to be private. Something some of you don't seem to
understand. If you like airing your dirty laundry, fine, whatever.
Just don't be surprised by the lack of sympathy because your
problems don't mean much to us when we have those of our own.
You think yours are greater? Then do something about it and quit
bitching. I don't care how much you hate so and so, I don't care
who said what about who, or how that person over there looked at
you crazy. It doesn't matter what you think of me, what you think
of my husband and neither of us will try to put on airs to suit you.
You smile in the faces of those around you, lying, pretending to be
someone you aren't. Pretending to be friends with everyone. Do all
these people know you're talking about them behind their backs?
How do you sleep at night knowing you're fake?

I used to feel sorry for you. You act like this is the only way of life
that you know. I wondered, do you live and breath to visit the
prison? Is causing chaos and hard feelings the only way to make
yourself feel better? Why do you wish to make everyone around
you miserable? I think that those of you who act like this are
pathetic. I despise those of you who cause the trouble, who snitch
on one another in order to save your own asses. I despise your lies
and your stories. One of these days we need to start working
together instead of against each other.
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