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The Tennessee Department of Correction allows for visitation within their prisons for those who
are incarcerated to be able to spend time with their friends or loved ones. However, after being
shipped from one prison to the next, I became highly aware that the rules and regulations within every
prison seem to be different. What is allowed at Northwest Correctional Complex may very well be
something that South Central does not tolerate within it's visitation gallery. Not only are the rules
different, but visitation days and hours vary from place to place, as well. If you visit on Max, you're
allowed only a certain amount of time. If you hold hands during visitation at some facilities, you lose
your visits. Some places don't have an area for the children to play.

The following piece is from a lady who sees things and tells them as they are in our visitation
gallery. We do not visit at the same facility, nor have we ever exchanged visit stories, but it goes to
show me that while rules and regulations may differ, our feelings do not. It's a heartbreaking, soul
torturing experience....One we wish on no one, one we wish for all to understand. Thank you for
allowing me to share your feelings with everyone.

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